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How to make a claim

This section guides you through the process of making a claim in the event of a death of a life assured.

This section only applies in the event of a death claim on one of our policies. If you wish to make a claim please phone us on +44 (1624) 638888.

To start the claim process you will need to complete either claim form A or B below. Please read the following notes to find the correct form.

Claim form A

Form A should be completed when the policy value is less than £75,000 and the deceased was a resident of the UK or the Channel Islands.

Claim form B

Form B should be completed in all other cases.

If the claimant is a corporate entity, please call our office in the first instance on +44 (1624) 638888.

Please ensure the claimant completes all parts of the form. For further information about our requirements for certified ID and proof of address, please click here.