Annual Policy Fee Increases 2023

As we do each year, the fixed policy fees on some of our products will increase in 2023 in line with the Isle of Man Retail Price Index.

The fees will increase by 11.3%, and the increase will apply from 1 January 2023.

This will affect the following products:

  • Capital Redemption Bond
  • Corporate Investor
  • Corporate Portfolio Bond
  • Global Investor
  • Global Portfolio Bond
  • Personal Portfolio
  • Portfolio - Personal and Privilege Account
  • Passport Range (Lifetime and Wealthmaster Regular Premium Plans)
  • Passport Series
  • Flexible Savings Plan

The effect the increases have on policyholders will be dependent on a number of factors including, for example, the year the policy was taken out, fee payment frequency and the currency in which payments are made.

The policy fees will be automatically increased on the policy anniversary and deducted in the normal way. There are no changes to the benefits, features or Terms and Conditions of the policies as a result of the fee change. The policy number and all other details will remain the same.


The Terms and Conditions of these products allow us to increase the fees annually, on the policy anniversary, in line with the Isle of Man Retail Price Index correct as at 30 September of the previous year. This reflects the increase in our costs of administering policies.