Passport Series With-Profits Funds

Introduction to the Passport Series With-Profits Funds

The Passport Series With-Profits Funds are a part of the Clerical Medical With-Profits Fund. Depending on the currency of investment, separate groups of assets are used to set bonus levels for different groups of investors. 


There is an underlying investment guarantee on the amount invested. The aim of the funds is to provide a guaranteed annual dividend of 4% (Sterling), 3.5% (Dollars) and 3% (Euro). The fund will be credited with at least the minimum guaranteed addition. Each fund is managed to achieve a greater return. The dividends are reflected in the price of the fund where each contract is credited with the daily equivalent of the annual rate. 


The Passport Series With-Profits Funds are medium to long-term investments designed to generate capital growth and provide some guarantees over the medium to long-term and also provide some stability against market fluctuations in the short term. Guarantees vary between products and funds. Withdrawals from the Passport Series With-Profits Funds, when a guarantee doesn't apply, could mean you get back less than you invested.