Personal Portfolio Fund Centre

Welcome to the Personal Portfolio fund centre

With effect from June 2017 our internal insurance funds are no longer available for switches in. Policyholders already holding an insurance fund can remain invested but cannot switch into another insurance fund. Portfolio Bond continues to allow policyholders to invest into almost any type of externally managed asset, with some exceptions. If you are unsure as to whether or not an asset can be held under your policy please contact us. 


The fund centre is here to assist existing investors obtain insurance fund performance information. You can search for a fund by name or ISIN using the search box below. There is a multitude of information available from pricing to performance and factsheets to charts. 


Please note: 

  • This fund centre only provides information for the insurance funds and does not include externally managed funds available to this product.
  • All underlying data is supplied by Morningstar and RL360° Services cannot be held responsible for the accuracy of the information provided.
  • In some instances the fund names displayed may differ slightly to how they are reflected on RL360° Services systems. Performance tabs are calculated in fund currency and are not rebased.
  • Funds marked with a # are not available to Hong Kong policyholders.
  • You can use the charting tool to track historic prices and download them into excel. Chart performance is initially displayed in the currency of the first fund you select to chart, and will rebase multi-selected funds into that currency. To rebase the performance to a currency of your choosing, click on 'Chart Settings', then 'Plot Types' within the interactive chart window.